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Enter the exclusive realm of Natural and Engineered Stone Benchtops. Explore Granite, Marble and Engineered Stone with us.

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We searched the world for our customers to find beautiful and timeless styles of natural and engineered stones. From Brazil to Sri Lanka our stones are sourced globally with our customers needs in mind.


Granite is the most popular natural stone benchtop material, for good reason; being incredibly hard and durable! Granite holds its natural beauty over long periods with very little maintenance.

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Marble is an incredibly unique and diverse stone. Marble is a timeless selection for natural stone countertops and features; requiring slightly more maintenance than Granite.

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Engineered Stone

Engineered Stone is a marvel of modern technology containing 80-95% crushed quartz bound with a polymer resin. Engineered stone is incredibly resilient and non-porous making it a hygienic choice for a modern kitchen or bathroom.

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About us

FineStone as your Benchtop partners

Our family has operated in the construction sphere for 30 years throughout New Zealand, settling in Dunedin 12 years ago. We now wish to make Natural and Engineered Stone Benchtops attainable for homeowners, developers and DIYers from all budgets.

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Answers to Your Questions

1. How to buy from FineStone

1.Follow our complete process and we will guide you from selection, design, fabrication and install.
2.We fabricate for you to pick up or we deliver (Dunedin or Greater Otago)
3.Wholesale Slabs (nationwide) stone direct from our website, email, phone or whatsapp. Competitive nationwide freight available

2. Our Complete Process

1- Initial Contact - Whether through email, text, phone or in person chat at our showroom; we can ascertain your requirements and make a plan for your job and if required a house visit to check access and other specifications. Then supply a quote.
2- Job Specifications - We will use your plans, sink template and a house visit to be sure we get your job just right!
3- Fabrication - We cut your slabs to dimension and prepare for install.
4- Installation - Our team will deliver and install your project.
5- Customer Support - We will guide you on proper care for your new stone and assist in any way we can with follow up to your project.

3. Do I need to seal my Natural Stone Benchtop

Marble benchtops will need a high quality penetrating sealer as this stone is moderately porous. Sealer gives you time to clean up any significant spills (red wine, acidic foods, fruit juice etc.). Your installer will seal stones which require sealing. This won't protect from acidic materials which react with the Calcium Carbonate.

Dark granites generally do not need to be sealed. Medium to light coloured granites generally do need to be sealed.

Penetrating sealers can last up to 5 years indoors, but there is an easy test to check if your Stone is still sealed. Place a wet cloth on an area for a few minutes ensuring the water has contact with the stone.  Remove the cloth and dry the surface with a towel.  If the tested area has darkened then the water has absorbed into the stone and you will need to reseal your benchtop.

4. How do I Care for my Stone Benchtop/Countertop

We use the skin rule, which is we would only use cleaning products we would use on our own hands.
We recommend start with a clean, wet cloth and a mild detergent.
Avoid using scrubbers, steel-o or abrasive cleaning tools.
Gently towel or micro-fibre dry the surface after you've cleaned up.

Avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on the surface as heat shock can cause cracking or discolouration.

5. I want to upgrade my existing kitchen with a new stone benchtop. Can you do this for me?

Absolutely we have multiple professional carpenters as well as stonemasons soo we can easily re-invigorate an existing kitchen with a new benchtop!

6. What other Costs might be involved in my Stone project

Once you've chosen your stone from our range and we know the size of your project, the next step is fabrication; more complex cuts and edge processing is more expensive.
Some examples of approximate costs of fabrication (+GST)
Hob cut-out: $150
Top-mount Sink: $150
Under-mount Sink: $350-450
Waterfall End mitre: $150
Standard install & Delivery (5sqm): $700 (Includes sealing and seaming)

7. Can I come view the Stone before I decide

Of course; we welcome visits to our showroom, and one of our salesman/fabricators will be able to show you some of the slabs.

With natural stone there is significant variation even within a single slab so it's important you are happy with the individual pieces. Alternatively we can take high definition photographs of selected slabs.


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